6% Top Up Bonus

This bonus is opened to all members of IBGBET and valid for all gaming account available on IBGBET.

Minimum top up amount required is $50.

Turnover required before any withdrawal or transfer can be made is 2 times of member’s top up amount plus bonus given. Example: Top Up $100 + Bonus $6 = $106 X 2 = $212.

Any two sided bets or draw games will not be taken into turnover calculation.

Maximum bonus given will be capped at $388.

This bonus can only be given to new member ONCE only. Multiple claims or usage of multiple accounts will leads to indefinitely suspension of member or game accounts along with forfeited credit and bonus given.

IBGBET reserves the right to add, deduct, change, or terminate the promotion without prior notice.

IBGBET reserves the right to forfeit any bonus given or credit balance of member or gaming account suspected or found associated with fraud case such as, suspicious betting patterns or usage of multiple duplicated accounts result in guaranteed profit or bonus eligibility of any party involved.

General terms and conditions applied.